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03/05/2015 Healthy Living in Middle Age Keeps Heart Failure at Bay Decades Later
Avoid obesity, hypertension, diabetes and you may live up to 13 more years without the illness, study finds
03/04/2015 Common Drug for Irregular Heartbeat Tied to Worse Outcomes
But study group taking digoxin may have been sicker overall, cardiologist notes
03/04/2015 Fit Body at 40 May Keep Brain Bright at 60
Tests show higher midlife fitness levels tied to greater brain volume, function decades later
03/03/2015 Common Class of Drugs May Be Linked to Pneumonia Risk
But more research is needed before scientists say anticholinergics cause the infection
03/02/2015 Nuts May Lengthen Your Life, Study Suggests
It hints, but doesn't prove, they might reduce risk of death from heart disease, other causes
02/25/2015 Early Hospital Release May Hurt Broken-Hip Patients
Survival odds improve with longer stay, study finds
02/18/2015 Light Activity a Boost to Seniors' Hearts
Low-level movement helps even those with limited mobility, study says
02/18/2015 Study Ties Shingles Virus to Dangerous Blood Vessel Disease in Elderly
Condition causes inflamed vessels in scalp, neck and arms, and can be deadly, researchers say
02/18/2015 Health Tip: Exercising as a Senior
Here are answers to help you get moving
02/16/2015 Chronic Illness, Loneliness May Go Hand-in-Hand for Some Elderly
Don't blame yourself for illness and try to find new ways to socialize, experts suggest
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