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01/05/2015 Diet Rich in Whole Grains Might Extend Your Life, Study Says
Findings held even after researchers accounted for person's weight, age and smoking status
12/30/2014 Middle-Aged Worse at Texting-While-Driving, Study Shows
But, experts stress that distracted driving is dangerous at any age
12/26/2014 HIV Tied to Worse Hearing in Older Adults
Study suggests virus might have effect on the inner ear, one expert said
12/24/2014 Researchers Take 'First Baby Step' Toward Anti-Aging Drug
Experimental med may help immune system fight elderly related diseases
12/23/2014 Heat Stroke, Kidney Failure Help Drive Illnesses From Extreme Heat
Danger persists for five days after temperature dips, study finds
12/23/2014 Seniors' Aging Brains Find Ways to Stay Financially Sharp
Study reveals that as the mind ages, knowledge gained over a lifetime makes all the difference
12/22/2014 Weight Training Key to Battling Belly Fat as You Age: Study
Aerobic activity alone isn't enough, researchers report
12/18/2014 Can You Balance on One Leg? You May Have Lower Stroke Risk
Inability to stand on one foot for 20-plus seconds could suggest brain vessel damage, study contends
12/18/2014 Many Flu Infections Aren't Good Match for Vaccine: CDC
But health officials still urge people to get inoculated because the shot should offer some protection
12/18/2014 Frail Elderly Might Benefit From High-Dose Flu Shot
Ramped-up vaccine elicits greater immune response, study finds
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