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10/06/2014 Report Claims Success Treating Alzheimer's Memory Loss
But experts won't embrace this 36-point program of lifestyle changes and supplements without more research
10/02/2014 Mini-Strokes May Lead to PTSD, Study Finds
Fear, depression and anxiety might follow a transient ischemic attack, researchers say
10/01/2014 'High-Intensity' Hospitals Save More Elderly After Surgery: Study
But downside includes longer hospital stays, fewer days in hospice
09/25/2014 Special Therapy May Help Relieve 'Complicated Grief'
Standard depression treatment is less successful after a loved one dies, study finds
09/24/2014 Memory Slips in Senior Years May Signal Dementia Risk
Study found 80 percent of those who complained of forgetting things had Alzheimer's 12 years later
09/19/2014 Adults Over 45 Not Meeting U.S. Muscle Strengthening Guidelines, Study Says
Less than one-quarter follow recommendations
09/17/2014 Are Migraines in Middle Age Tied to Raised Parkinson's Risk Later?
Study sees a connection, but actual risk is small; more study needed, researchers say
09/17/2014 Healthy Lifestyle Changes Linked to Reduced Risk for Dementia
Never too late to take steps to help avoid the memory-robbing disorder, researchers say
09/16/2014 Deaths From Narcotic Painkillers Quadrupled in Past Decade: CDC
Increases highest among whites, and people between 55 and 64
09/16/2014 Nonsurgical Treatments Suggested for Women's Urinary Incontinence
Pelvic muscle exercises, bladder training and weight loss can help, doctors say
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