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05/11/2015 Staying Fit May Delay Onset of High Cholesterol, Study Finds
Regular physical activity seems to put off age-related increases in men by up to 15 years
05/08/2015 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder May Be Linked to Accelerated Aging
Study says condition might not be limited to mental health problems
05/07/2015 Strengthening Hip Muscles May Ease Calf Pain From Blood Vessel Disease
Researchers report that patients might also be able to walk longer
05/07/2015 Fall-Related Deaths Nearly Doubled for U.S. Seniors Since 2000
Researchers also report that car crashes cause 1 in 7 unintentional deaths in older Americans
05/06/2015 Nursing Homes Using Hospice Care More, But at a Cost
Spending increased about $6,800 for those getting end-of-life comfort care, study says
05/06/2015 Healthy Eating May Shield the Aging Brain
Study found those who ate most fruits, veggies, fish were least likely to show thinking declines over 5 years
05/06/2015 Many Aging Boomers Face Chronic Illness, But Death Rate Is Falling: CDC
Report finds nearly half need a heart drug, almost a fifth are diabetic
05/06/2015 More Aging Americans Using Canes, Walkers
Many seniors rely on more than one mobility device, study finds
05/05/2015 Age-Linked Structures on DNA May Also Hint at Cancer Risk
Telomere 'caps' shorten as people get older, but this process speeds up in cancer-prone people, study suggests
05/01/2015 Health Tip: Preventing Health Problems in Seniors
Get regular vaccinations and screenings
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