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03/16/2015 Age-Linked Memory Loss May Be Worse for Men, Study Finds
And, early plaque build-up in brain may not play as strong a role in recall issues as suspected
03/13/2015 More Sex, Better Testosterone Levels?
Contrary to popular belief, study suggests the relationship between the two works the other way
03/12/2015 Cochlear Implants May Also Boost Seniors' Mood, Thinking: Study
Older people with severe hearing loss who received the devices had less depression, better mental skills
03/12/2015 Healthy Lifestyle May Guard Against Dementia
Study found seniors who were advised on better eating, exercise scored higher on mental tests
03/11/2015 Exercise's Effect on Brain May Boost Mobility in Old Age
You don't need to run marathons, researcher says
03/11/2015 Brainpower Peaks in Different Ways as People Age, Study Finds
Emotional intelligence best in middle age, overall knowledge base highest for seniors
03/10/2015 Good Heart Health May Help Stave Off Dementia, Study Says
Poorer cardiac function linked to doubled odds for mental decline
03/10/2015 Outcomes Vary With Minimally Invasive Heart Valve Replacement
Transcatheter procedure was designed for patients too frail for open heart surgery
03/09/2015 Health Tip: Should I Stop Driving?
Signs that seniors aren't safe behind the wheel
03/05/2015 Exercise May Boost Size of Some Brain Regions
But it's not clear if these changes make a difference in aging, researcher says
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