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04/15/2016 Diabetes Steals Years, Adds Disabilities
Middle-aged adults will lose more than 3 years because of the disease, study estimates
04/13/2016 Obesity in Teens Seems to Raise Risk for Illness, Death in Middle Age
Health experts worry trend will only get worse, since teens followed in long-term study were thinner than kids today
04/11/2016 Your Income, Hometown May Be Key to Your Lifespan
Certain areas in U.S. trend toward shorter lives, and poverty lowers life expectancy across the board, study finds
04/07/2016 Predicting Longevity May Be Simpler Than Thought
Study found age-related changes in DNA were not as accurate as factors such as age and mobility
04/06/2016 Intensive Exercise a Fountain of Youth for Aging Muscles
Study found muscle tissues of elderly athletes more robust and younger than those of non-athletic peers
04/05/2016 Many of Oldest Old Say They're at Peace With Dying
Study finds most people over 95 are simply grateful for every day
03/28/2016 World's Senior Population Forecast to Boom by 2050
Public health challenges will mount with 1.6 billion people worldwide age 65 or older, study suggests
03/24/2016 Healthy Amount of Vitamin C Might Keep Cataracts at Bay
Key is to get the nutrient from foods rather than a supplement, researchers say
03/23/2016 Exercise May Keep Your Brain 10 Years Younger, Study Suggests
Physically active seniors stayed mentally sharper than their sedentary peers
03/17/2016 More Older Women Now Living With 'Moderate' Disability, Study Shows
Trend a reversal from the 1980s, researchers say
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