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04/28/2015 Ex-Baseball Star Kirk Gibson Has Parkinson's Disease
The movement disorder often leads to trembling, slowed movement, poor balance and coordination
04/28/2015 ER Practices Key to Helping Those Addicted to Painkillers: Study
Giving patients drug that helps ease withdrawal works better than simple referrals, experts say
04/22/2015 Statins Carry Some Risk for Seniors, Study Suggests
Cholesterol-lowering drugs cut heart risks, but may spur muscle weakness, memory declines
04/20/2015 'Tamper-Proof' Narcotic Painkiller May Be Curbing Abuse: Study
Number of prescriptions, overdoses dropped, but heroin overdoses went up
04/20/2015 Swallowing Pills? Children Can Learn How
Five strategies were identified that help get the medicine down
04/16/2015 Substance Abuse Reported by About 1 in 10 American Workers
Government report detects uptick among hotel, food service employees
04/16/2015 New Synthetic Drug 'Flakka' Triggers Crazed Behaviors
Use of chemical-cousin to 'bath salts' appears to be on the rise, experts say
04/15/2015 1 in 10 U.S. Teens Has Tried Hashish
Drug is more powerful cousin of marijuana, researchers say
04/14/2015 Pot Plus Booze Doubles Odds for Drunk Driving, Study Says
Using both substances also boosts risk of relationship and work troubles
04/14/2015 New Specialty Medicines Drive Up Drug Spending
Report finds costs are highest they've been in a decade
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