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11/17/2014 Secondhand Pot Smoke Can Give Your Heart an Unwelcome Buzz
Rat study suggests short exposure to marijuana reduces blood vessel function, similar to secondhand tobacco smoke
11/14/2014 Drug Regimen Cures Hepatitis C in Most Liver Transplant Patients in Study
Researchers say treatment has fewer side effects and less risk of rejection, too
11/13/2014 ADHD Stimulant Drug Abuse Common Among Young Adults: Survey
Reasons for misuse include pressure to succeed at school or work
11/13/2014 Medical Bills Pricey for Americans, Even With Private Insurance
New survey finds 1 in 5 people with private plans spending 5 percent or more of income on health care
11/12/2014 U.S. Prices Soaring for Some Generic Drugs, Experts Say
Supply and manufacturing problems, plus fewer companies in the market among causes
11/10/2014 Drug Combo Helps Lupus-Related Kidney Condition
Half of those taking three medications achieved full remission, study reports
11/10/2014 Common Blood Pressure Drug May Lower Risk For Lou Gehrig's Disease: Study
But new finding needs additional research to confirm the link, experts caution
10/27/2014 Placebo Treatment May Quiet Kids' Cough
Parents report a spoonful of agave nectar or flavored water reduced symptoms
10/23/2014 As Pot Use Rises, Teens' Grades May Fall: Study
Occasional use might not have impact, but heavy users had lower test scores, researchers found
10/22/2014 Recalled Supplements Linger on U.S. Store Shelves, Study Finds
Researchers say many products with banned substances for sale six months later
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