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07/28/2015 Heart Disease, Alzheimer's Linked by Common Risk Factors
Study finds diabetes, smoking and obesity also affect brain areas tied in memory
07/27/2015 Teens Using E-Cigs More Prone to Take Up Smoking: Study
Experts want greater regulation of these nicotine-containing products
07/25/2015 Low-Nicotine Cigarettes Won't Necessarily Help Smokers Stop
Study finds two years of less addicting tobacco didn't increase quit rates
07/23/2015 Many Cancer Survivors Who Smoke See Little Benefit to Quitting
Those who cling to their cigarettes have a different mindset, survey finds
07/22/2015 Teen Drinking, Smoking on the Decline, U.S. Study Finds
But, research also notes more teens are trying marijuana
07/16/2015 Lung Cancer Patients Who Quit Smoking Live Longer
Giving up cigarettes led to nearly a year of extra survival, study shows
07/16/2015 Many Young Women Taking Up 'Very Light' Smoking, Study Finds
Defined as 5 or fewer cigarettes a day, the habit can still raise health risks, experts say
07/16/2015 New Dumb-But-Deadly Trend: Sunburn 'Art'
Experts warn against the dangers of the increasingly popular practice
07/15/2015 Secondhand Smoke Tied to Raised Stroke Risk in Study
Odds of brain attack boosted by 30 percent, researchers say
07/08/2015 Colon Cancer Deaths Falling, But 3 U.S. Regions Lag Behind
Rates aren't improving as much in parts of the Mississippi Delta, Appalachia and eastern Virginia, study finds
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