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Welcome to Alegent Creighton Health’s Quality Reporting

Alegent Creighton Health is among a nationwide group of hospitals participating in the Hospital Quality Alliance, a program managed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to assess quality. Hospitals are currently required to submit data on 27 indicators that focus on clinical processes. Several additional clinical process indicators have been defined by CMS but are not yet required for public reporting.

The Alegent 40

As part of Alegent Creighton Health's pledge to provide the highest quality of care, we are voluntarily reporting 40 indicators. The Alegent Creighton Health Quality Report displays data regarding the performance of all Alegent Creighton Health Omaha/Council Bluffs metro-area hospitals:

  • Bergan Mercy Medical Center (BMMC)
  • Creighton University Medical Center (CUMC)
  • Immanuel Medical Center (IMC)
  • Lakeside Hospital (LKS)
  • Midlands Hospital (MDLS)
  • Mercy/Council Bluffs Hospital (MERCY)

The Alegent 40 Quality Scores

What Makes up the "Alegent 40" Quality Indicators

21 Core Measures Used for Treating Heart Attack, Heart Failure and Pneumonia

Core Measures are nationally approved quality guidelines for care. in three categories The first 21 indicators show how often hospitals provide recommended care known to get the best results for most patients being treated for heart attack (AMI), heart failure (HF) and  pneumonia (PN). 

9 Surgical Safety Quality Factors

Alegent Creighton Health reports on 9 additional quality factors developed by the Surgical Care Improvement Project (SCIP). SCIP is a national partnership of organizations committed to improving the safety of surgical care through the reduction of postoperative complications in the areas of infection, blood clots and heart complications.

10 Quality Indicators for Stroke Care

Alegent Creighton Health also reports 10 indicators for quality of stroke care as established by the Join Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Our Interactive Quality Tool  provides more explanation of the quality measures employed by Alegent Creighton Health. 

Why Quality Scores Matter

All 5 of Alegent Health's metro Omaha locations scored 99% or higher for following best practice protocols for quality treatment of heart attacks.

Where you go for emergency care can can save your life, or end it prematurely. According to a Johns Hopkins study of emergency departments, as many as 22,000 preventable deaths occur each year because emergency departments fail to follow proven treatment protocols for certain conditions.

In the study, 1,492 heart attack and 3,955 pneumonia cases at 544 emergency departments (ED) between 1998 and 2004 were reviewed.  It showed that only "40 percent of eligible heart attack patients received recommended aspirin therapy, and only 17 percent received recommended beta blocker treatment. Among pneumonia patients, only 69 percent received recommended antibiotics, and 46 percent had blood oxygen levels assessed, as recommended by the American Thoracic Society."

The Patient’s Generation of Healthcare

Our Alegent Creighton Health Mission to heal the body, mind and spirit has always guided our devotion to exceptional quality in patient-centered care. Today, we are leading the way toward a new generation of healthcare in which you, the patient, are firmly at the center of the healthcare equation and empowered by:

  • Transparency in Quality;
  • Consumer Cost Transparency;
  • Broad Access to healthcare opportunities; and
  • Innovative Incentives to encourage responsible health choices.

We are committed to giving you the choice, control and tools you need to engage in your healthcare, make good decisions and improve your health. While this section of our website focuses on transparency in quality, you will soon find sections on cost, access and incentives as well as continually updated information on quality — so check back often.

Effective and Compassionate Care

We know that when it comes to the quality of your healthcare, you expect effective treatment and compassionate care. Our Quality Reporting gives you some tools to assess our ability to provide you both. On the effectiveness of our care, we report a composite score that tells you how often we provide the care determined to lead to the best outcomes for our patients during the treatment of heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia and prevention of surgical complications.