Seeking Advice

The Alegent Creighton Health Corporate Integrity Hotline:

  • Operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Is run by an outside organization professionally trained to handle your calls.
  • Allows persons to file anonymous reports if they choose; no caller identification methods are used.
  • Provides an identification number to the caller, per incident, for confidential follow-up.
  • Maintains confidentiality unless the caller indicated that it is not necessary for the situation at hand.

Although the Alegent Health Mission Statement serves as a strong base for making the right decisions, it cannot anticipate every ethical dilemma that may arise. The Four Step Process has been designed to help employees and officers if they are in doubt about the proper conduct in a given situation.

Four Step Process

Step 1
Employees and officers should use existing Alegent Health policies and procedures within their department or operating division to resolve the problem, or contact their immediate supervisor.

Step 2
If the employee or officer is not satisfied with their supervisor’s response, the employee or officer should contact their supervisor’s immediate supervisor, or a Human Resources Representative.

Step 3
If the employee or officer is not satisfied with the results of Steps 1 or 2, or if the employee or officer is not comfortable addressing their concerns through those channels, contact the Alegent Health Compliance Officer or a member of the Corporate Integrity Committee through written memorandum, e-mail, telephone or in person. A current member list of the Corporate Integrity Committee is posted in the Human Resources departments at all Alegent Health hospitals, or can be obtained by calling 1 (800) 261-5607.

Step 4
If the employee or officer is not comfortable addressing their concerns through the above channels or if the employee or officer needs need the name of a Corporate Integrity Committee member, contact the Corporate Integrity Hotline at 1 (800) 261-5607.

Follow the Four Step Process to ask questions about or report suspected violations related to:

Patient Rights and Care Issues
Privacy Rights of Employee and Patient Records
Health, Safety and Environmental Issues
Medicare/Medicaid Fraud and Abuse
Harassment/Discrimination Issues
Substance Abuse
Bribes and Kickbacks
Theft and Fraud
Antitrust Law Violations
Proper Accounting and Recordkeeping
Potential Criminal Violations
Confidentiality of Company Information
Other Violations of Company Policy