Overcoming Depression

John Lehnhoff, Ph.D. Clinical Consultant and Educator
Alegent Behavioral Health

Q: How do I avoid a recurrence of depression?

A: Studies show that depression is often a recurring condition with about two thirds of depression patients experiencing more than one episode. Although you describe disappointment with your previous treatment, new treatments are constantly emerging which may prove more useful to you than the previous medicines and methods you tried. So, seeking treatment from qualified professionals is always recommended for fighting the causes and effects of depression, especially if the depression has been serious enough to require hospitalization in the past.

You wrote that you previously found ways to help yourself get better, so be sure to follow your own good safe advice to yourself about what might help things improve. Also, you indicated that "bad habits" are related to the depression. If you do seek new treatment, be sure to tell your doctor and counselor all of the above points.