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Links and Quizzes

The MoodGYM is an interactive program designed help you identify and overcome problems with emotions like anxiety or depression, and to help you develop good coping skills for the future.  Try the MoodGYM!

Life is not a fairytale, and no wand-waving godmother is going to save us from the realities of keeping up with kids and caring for the house....  read more at this link

Excellent suggestions to introduce business and entrepreneurial thinking into your daughter's everyday life...  All about empowering your daughter 

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network is an interactive resource for disscussion, prevention and coping in traumatic events. To learn more log onto NCTSNet

CMS has released the Toolkit for Healthcare Professionals: Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage. To access the toolkit and other educational resources, visit the drug coverage information webpage (Medlearn) for physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Begin dialouge with your family about drugs. FreeVibe gives parents and the latest information and support in the form of the most updated technology. This is one of the most important discussions your will ever have with your family. To learn more go to FreeVibe