Being Different


Tacky the Penguin
By Helen Lester, Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company, Copyright 1988
ISBN 0-395-56233-3
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Have you ever felt like the square peg in the round hole? Does it seem like you are always saying or doing the wrong thing – or even wearing the wrong outfit for the occasion? Then Tacky the Penguin can help you accept your unique characteristics.

Tacky is the odd bird out. He sings loud, is full of energy, and wears colorful clothing. He doesn’t fit in with the other serene, sophisticated penguins. They ignore him and look at him with disgust. Then one day a crisis occurs and Tacky’s odd behavior saves the group of penguins from a terrible fate.

Tacky the Penguin is a great tale for anyone whom takes pride in individuality and thinking outside the box. This simple tale helps us recognize the importance of everyone’s talents, even if they aren’t in the mainstream.