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Mid Life Crisis

Michael Egger, M.D., psychiatrist with the Alegent Health Psychiatric Associates in Papillion

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Q:    Does mid life crisis really exist?

A:   Midlife Crisis does indeed exist.

It may involve symptoms of anxiety and depression but is essentially a point in life of transition from one phase to another accompanied by some self searching of values, accomplishments, and future.

It typically occurs at a time when one's children are transitioning to adulthood and when peak career potential has been achieved. Frequently it is accompanied by some questioning of previous choices of spouse, career, financial position and the like, and sometimes regret for having achieved less in life than one might have hoped for 20 years before.

A resolution usually involves some acceptance of current status, but also reasonable goals and expectations of the ensuing 2-3 decades of life typically remaining.

Some counseling and/or formal psychotherapy is useful in this process although not very often sought. If active symptoms of anxiety or depression develop with it, then appropriate treatment including medication management should be entertained.

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