Alegent Creighton Health Monthly Meditations

A Reflection on the Gift of Today

We have been given the sacred gift of today.

It is our day to heal and be healed.

To learn, to search, to find meaning, to hope.

It is our day to laugh and to cry.

To love, to share, to reflect, to grow.

It is our day to be comforted by others

and to comfort in return.

To embrace the body, to touch the heart, to hold close the soul.

Listen to today . . .

Letting it lead from sorrow to joy.

Letting it lead from darkness to light.

Letting it lead from chaos to quiet.

Letting it lead from confusion to peace.

We have been given the sacred gift of today.

We embrace it with gratitude and let it become our own.

A Prayer for Stillness

Creator God, we thank you for the wonderful world you renew each year in the blessings of spring and summer.

Healer of the broken hearted, we give you thanks for your gift of grace that allows us to look to the future knowing we are safe in your hands..

Spirit of Love, we thank you for hope and healing as you work faithfully in our hearts each day.

Ever present God, you help our lives to overflow with your love, forgiveness, and mercy in times of brokenness as well as in joy and peace.

Thank you for the hope that is eternally ours.