We are in the Christian season of Advent--a time of waiting, of anticipation, of reflection, growing and expectancy. This can be an exciting season if we take the time to reflect on it, but we are often too busy preparing for a Christmas celebration.

So…we let ourselves be too busy to think about Advent, then the celebration of Christmas comes, and goes and we make our New Year’s resolutions always moving on to the next thing.

This year let’s take the gifts Advent has to offer. Take the time to reflect on the happenings of the year and the celebration of Christ’s birth.

Have we let our faith impact our daily lives?
Have others seen the love of our Lord shine through us?
How does the life Christ lived on earth impact our choices?

These questions and so many more can help us close the year as we journey to Christ’s birth and open the new year with resolutions that come from deeper insight and joy in the love of God as it is lived out in us day to day. May you experience all the joyous blessing of this season and carry it with you every moment of your life.

Come, Lord Jesus ,Come

In this season of Advent,

lift my mind in watchful hope

and prepare my heart to receive the promise of new life.

I pray that during this time of waiting

You will break into my life in new and profound ways

and that the light of Your presence

will dispel the darkness in my busy world.

Come, Lord Jesus, come!

Fill me with your renewing grace.

Touch me with the gentleness of your Words.

Quiet the whirlwind of activity that surrounds and engulfs me.

Come and calm my heart and my life

so I will be ready to receive You

when You are born among us once more.

Come, Lord Jesus, come!