This Day is Holy!

Creator God, who dwells within and among us, help me to approach this day with reverence. Everything I do today is an opportunity to transform ordinary human activity into sacred moments in which your presence is encountered. Help me to make my presence in this day somehow responsive to the immeasurable love you have for all of creation. Awaken in me an understanding of the holiness of the day.

This day is holy because gentle people can touch others’ lives and help the human spirit to thrive.

This day is holy because human conversation might just be a healing moment.

This day is holy because attitudes can generate peace.

This day is holy because hope can be rekindled when people truly care for one another.

This day is holy because decisions can positively impact others.

This day is holy because kindness can be contagious.

This day is holy because showing respect for another can change hearts.

God of possibility and mystery, allow me to see the holiness of the day and to approach it with reverence because it is your creation and within it you dwell.

A Prayer for Stillness

Gracious Lord,

Please plant within me the seed of stillness that allows me both to hear and feel your love.

My life moves so fast and it seems I always need or want, to do more. 

Even when I have moments intended for relaxation, my mind races with what I “ought” to be doing. 

Grant me in the midst of the rush of my days, the willingness to take in the wonder of all that is around me; color, nature, the miracle of growing things, the beauty of the rays of the sun through a break in the clouds, people in whom I may see your love. 

May these moments remind me that I am cradled safely and securely in your loving care now and forever.