Creator God, we thank you for the wonderful world you renew each year in the blessings of spring and summer.

Healer of the broken hearted, we give you thanks for your gift of grace that allows us to look to the future knowing we are safe in your hands.

Spirit of Love, we thank you for hope and healing as you work faithfully in our hearts each day.

Source of all that is good, as we consider the amazing world around us and the wonderful people you have placed in our lives, help us to see the good, build on the good and know always that you are the source of that relationship, support and beauty.

Ever present Father, we praise you for your help making our lives overflow with love, forgiveness, and mercy in times of brokenness as well as in times of joy and peace.

May we always celebrate, praise and honor you for the hope that is eternally ours.


Sharing our Story:

As we move into the heart of summer may each of us makes it a priority to take some time with family and friends to:  share our stories, listen to other people tell their stories, and discover the underlying meaning in each other's story.

Our lives are far richer and more meaningful than we appreciate.  In sharing our stories we come to understand the meaning and purpose that is at the heart of who we are and whom we are called to be.  Hidden in all our stories is also the one story, the God story.   The more we listen and share our stories with each other, the clearer the God story becomes in our lives.

When we pause to reflect on our life stories with each other, the more we understand how everyone of these stories has helped us to live.  God is at the heart of who we are and in sharing our stories of life,  we are also sharing our stories of God.  The wisdom of shared stories build relationships in the present and provides love and security for our children and grandchildren as our experiences flow from one generation to the next.

So, don’t let this summer go by without setting aside a significant period of time to relax and get away from your daily routine.  Vacation provides a wonderful opportunity to create stories and to share stories.  Vacations can also remind us of how important it is to take time to sit at life's back fence or kitchen table on a regular basis to tell our story, to listen to other people's stories and to discover the God story hidden in all our experiences.