We have been given the sacred gift of today.

May it be a day to heal and be healed.
to learn, to search, to find meaning, to hope.

May it be a day to laugh and to cry.
to love, to share, to reflect, to grow.

May it be a day to be comforted by others,
and to comfort in return.
to embrace the body, to touch the heart, to hold close the soul.

Listen to today . . .
let it lead from sorrow to joy.
let it lead from darkness to light.
let it lead from chaos to quiet.
let it lead from confusion to peace.

This day is a sacred gift.
May you embrace it.

A Companion for the Journey

Some days, God, I feel abandoned.
left alone,
unable to handle even the simplest tasks.

I wander confused, trying to sort out
the next step,
the next responsibility,
the next stage of the journey.

It seems there is no one
to help sort out the challenges,
to help carry the load,
to provide a shoulder to cry on
or a listening ear.

You call me to wait, Lord, to wait on you:
to be still and stop the endless doing;
to be calm, and stop the endless consuming;
to be quiet and listen for your leading.

You call me to discover that I never journey alone,
that you provide companions for the journey
when I remember to seek them out.

You call me to discover that you are enough,
and I am enough, because of you.