CHI Health Monthly Meditations

God’s Guidance On My Journey Of Life

Wherever I may be, or whatever I may be doing, each and every day I am on a journey. A journey that will be filled excitement, sadness, joy, frustration, occasionally anger, sometimes fear, health, illness and always great hope and peace that can only come from knowing that God will guide my journey and be my support and strength in all that it holds. 

Of course I need to remember to invite him in and to take the time to listen for him and to him.  So often he is present to us in those around us and always in a quiet place within each of us.  As life moves at its frantic pace it’s a real challenge to slow down enough to listen for his guidance.  All too often I start the day with a quick prayer which is usually my asking for something, and on a good day remember to thank him for all the goodness he has created in my life.   Then I get on with the many tasks of the day rarely taking the time to just sit quietly and listen for him.

Even when I do take the time to listen, I may not feel his presence and then I get anxious or to be honest, bored, and move on to the things that need doing.

So what’s the answer to receiving God’s guidance?  I don’t have one for everyone as we are each on our own unique journey, but I do know that when I discipline myself to take the time for prayer and to offer thanksgiving, share my worries, ask for help or direction, and just to be quiet trusting in his presence with me, I approach my day with greater peace and confidence. 

This discipline includes seeing prayer as a “must” part of my daily life.  Just as I “must” do things before I leave my home, I “must’ have this time with God. The time of day is not important, making prayer an essential of your day is.  


Come, Lord Jesus, Come

In this season of Advent,

lift my mind in watchful hope

and prepare my heart to receive the promise of new life.

I pray that during this time of waiting

You will break into my life in new and profound ways

and that the light of Your presence

will dispel the darkness in my busy world.

Come, Lord Jesus, come!

Fill me with your renewing grace.

Touch me with the gentleness of your Words.

Quiet the whilrwind of activity that surrounds and engulfs me.

Come and calm my heart and my life

so I will be ready to receive You

when You are born among us once more.

Come, Lord Jesus, come!

Sr. Norita Cooney
SVP-Mission Services