CHI Health Monthly Meditations


Generous and loving God, Thank you for this day and all that awaits me.  Help me stay connected to the gentleness of your touch in what unfolds and to listen to your voice that speaks in the depth of my being. Sometimes I miss your whisper or ignore the nudge to respond in a way that honors you. Thank you for the abundant blessings and the challenges, which call me to praise and rest in you. Amen


Lord,  my days are filled with busy-ness… kids, work, parents who need me, laundry, cleaning, cooking, dishes, volunteer work, expectations of my spouse and my friends.  I take the kids to church but even there I am preoccupied with keeping the quiet, and often leave with no knowledge of what was said. 

Where are you in the midst of all this?  My heart aches to feel your presence, to seek your guidance.  Help me to make you my priority to see you in all those I care for and about.  Strengthen my determination to set aside time to praise you and to hear you. Let my busy-ness glorify you that others may see you in me.