Self respect, self-esteem, pride

folders Walter the Farting Dog
By William Kotzwikle and Glenn Murray, Illustrated by Audrey Colman
Published by Frog, Ltd.  Copyright 2001.
ISBN 1-58394-053-7
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Often we are quick to acknowledge our faults, but we should make sure we take action to accept ourselves, and recognize our strengths. The story of Walter the Farting Dog helps us learn see more than just our weaknesses.

Walter is a gentle, loveable dog, adopted from the pound. However, as the family soon finds out, he has a flatuence problem. In other words, he is gassy! The family tries everything to change him and soon find out it’s just the way he is, nothing helps. Walter feels terrible and is ashamed of his problem and it doesn’t help that his new family is going to send him back. Don’t fear, with a little plot twist, we all find out how wonderful Walter is -natural gas and all!

This wonderfully illustrated children’s book has just the right amount of fun, drama, and simplicity to teach us all about accepting ourselves and others, faults and all.  respect and pride!