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For more than three decades, CHI Health Behavioral Care has led the region in providing specialized psychiatric and chemical dependency services. Our programs and services are specially tailored to provide effective, individualized care.


Lasting Hope

Providing hope for loved ones struggling with mental illness.

No Longer Depressed

Feeling alone for 30 years, TMS therapy gave Cindy her life back.

Beacon of Light

See how Nikki found the courage and strength to move forward.
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We have an expert team covering a wide range of specialties. Our mental health professionals will treat you as a whole person: body, mind and spirit. We seek to help each individual handle life's challenges by re-establishing positive relationships, using new coping skills at home and at work and developing a stronger sense of self.

Meet Our Medical Team

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The mental health experts at CHI Health Behavioral Care are qualified to treat a broad range of mental health issues. Some of the conditions we treat include: