If running is your sport - long distance or short - odds are you may suffer from a running injury. Knowing what it is and how to prevent it is key to your running success.

What are the most common running injuries?

According to Carrie Smith, a CHI Health physical therapist, there are several areas of the body commonly treated for injury due to running. One of the most common injuries is “runner’s knee” or irritation of the kneecap cartilage, followed by ITB syndrome or pain on the outside of knee. Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints are also very common injuries that occur lower in the leg, near the foot and ankle.

Running is safe but just like any sport; you need to know how to protect yourself. Studies have found that runners actually have less knee arthritis and tolerate more activity as they age. However the chances of injury increase when someone increases the number of miles they run too quickly or they ignore excessive soreness and try to “push through."

At CHI Health, our experts can actually watch the way a person runs and determine if there are strengthening exercises that would improve their running experience or changes to their form that will decrease their chances of injury, such as taking shorter steps or swinging arms front to back instead of side to side.

You really don’t need much to start running - comfortable clothes and a good pair of shoes but what shoe works best? Shoe trends are challenging to keep up with at times, so it is best to base your shoe fit on comfort. You do want to buy a shoe specifically made for running. Whether you have a flat foot or a high arch, you need to make sure that you walk around in your shoes before you attempt to run in them. CHI Health works closely with local shoe stores to ensure you have the best fit for you and your fitness and running goals.

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