Department of Transportation Services

Finding Your Way Through D.O.T. Regulations Requires Good Directions

CHI Health Occupational Health Services knows D.O.T. guidelines from providing D.O.T. exams to N.I.D.A. drug screens, to administering an alcohol testing program, to managing a quarterly drawing for random consortium participation. Our professional staff can assist you in your efforts to comply with D.O.T. regulations.

Our physical examination includes height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, exercise pulse, whisper hearing test with audiogram if needed, vision testing, dipstick U.A. and specific gravity. D.O.T. forms and cards are filled out at the time of the exam and sent to the person designated in your company as the contact. This examination meets all D.O.T. guidelines.

If you need our assistance to comply with the D.O.T. mandates for random drug screening and breath alcohol testing, we offer a consortium which pools drivers' names and draws at quarterly intervals. Drug and breath alcohol testing are provided as required by D.O.T. guidelines 24 hours per day at multiple locations.

CHI Health Occupational Health Services assists in coordinating remote collection sites and developing a network of collection facilities across the city.

For more information, call 1-800-253-4368 or e-mail.