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fly fishing group

"Women who fly fish enjoy the sport at many different levels:
being outdoors in the fresh air,
sharing another’s company,
having time to reflect,
or simply catching a fish.
Everyone’s experience will be unique.
Go out there and make it the experience you want."

                   -- Fly-Fishing: A Woman’s Guide


Sure, the bluegills were small, but that didn’t matter. The lure of fly fishing had a big impact on 12 breast cancer survivors from throughout the Alegent Health Cancer Center. Just check out these rave reviews from a previous Cast to Recovery weekend retreat.

"I like the meditation and the fly fishing and learning to tie flies."

"It was all marvelous – a good balance of personal time and group time."

"It is peaceful and away from the noise and the city. One can be part of nature."

"There wasn’t anything I did not like, this was a wonderful weekend!"

The annual retreat, sponsored by the Alegent Health Cancer Center, focuses on traditional spiritual inspiration with a twist: fly fishing. This actually has a practical connection to the healing process for breast cancer survivors.

"The activity of fly fishing improves upper body range of motion and movement following breast cancer surgery," said Admire, adding, "It also strengthens the spiritual and emotional dimensions of recovery through supportive group sessions."

The retreat opens with an introduction to fly fishing at the lake on St. Benedict’s property, led by fly fishing instructors Mike Kelley and Jeanne Sturgeon The Alegent Health Cancer Center staff guide the weekend as it unfolds to include fly-tying, journaling, prayer and reflection, personal time, group sharing, reading, walking, as even massage and facials. For more information call 402-572-2933.

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