Alegent Health Reaches out to Local Faith Communities Through Health & Learning Series
Release Date: 10/15/2007

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The Swanson Health and Learning Series made possible through a generous grant by Rev. Swanson.

OMAHA, Neb. – Alegent Health is introducing the Swanson Health and Learning Series, which will extend a series of lectures, workshops and conferences to local faith communities. The series is designed to benefit health care professionals, allied professionals and individuals who are interested in health and well-being from a variety of dimensions. The Swanson Health and Learning Series— made possible through the help of Rev. Reuben and Darlene Swanson—is also meant to spur additional innovative approaches to caring for the body, mind and spirit.

“As the largest not-for-profit, faith-based organization in the area, hosting the Swanson Health and Learning Series is a way for Alegent Health to better serve our church and faith community and live out our healing Mission. This is also an opportunity for us to strengthen the health care and faith links that are fundamental in holistic person-centered care,” said Beth Llewellyn, vice president of Mission Services for Alegent Health. “It is Alegent Health’s belief that by equipping area pastors and church members with the health resources they need, we are building relationships and providing better service to the communities in which we live.”

The Swanson Health and Learning Series will initially touch on several health issues ranging from end-of-life decision making, ethics in health care, spirituality and mental health along with creativity and healing. The Learning Series has been created through a generous donation Rev. Swanson and his wife Darlene.

Planned workshops and initial components of The Swanson Health and Learning Series include:

  • Oct. 18, 2007: Spirituality and Mental Health Conference for area faith community leaders, mental health professionals, consumers and the community at large. The conference will focus on the entire spectrum of care, from acute hospitalization to community support and will address the role that spirituality plays in the recovery spectrum.
  • Oct. 27, 2007: Creative Healing which uses the arts to inspire healing during times of loss and crisis. The day-long workshop for parish nurses, hospice works and others interested will feature professional artists and nationally-renowned grief experts to facilitate how art forms including storytelling, music, visual art and poetry/journaling can aid in healing and recovery.
  • Circle of Life: Wellness Support Groups is a free, comprehensive, nationally prominent eight-week process to teach holistic mind/body wellness and health coaching for clergy and lay health ministry leaders.
  • Make it a Point: Health care Planning Workshop is designed to be an interactive workshop offering participants the tools to work through healthcare plans, make wishes know and begin difficult conversations and is offered by the Alegent Health Ethics Center.
  • Professional Development in Health Care Ethics offering scholarships by the Alegent Health Life Coaching Center for pastors and faith community leaders a leadership development opportunity to grow in their spirituality leadership and personal development.
  • Youth Ministry providing scholarships to support youth pastors and community youth leaders to foster healthy lifestyles in teens and their families using the research-based program called All Stars.
  • Gentle Movement, Meditation and Breathing Exercises including yoga and T’ai Chi courses for faith communities throughout Omaha through the Alegent Health Faith Community Network.
  • The Swanson Health and Learning Series will also be geared towards hosting focus groups with faith community leaders around the city. These conversations will help developing a roadmap in which Alegent Health can effectively partner with faith communities. For more information on these programs, please contact Patrick Davis at (402) 933-9393.