Alegent Health Mercy Hospital Recognized as State’s Top Performer in Quality of Care
Release Date: 04/12/2007

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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa--The Iowa Foundation for Medical Care (IFMC) has recognized Alegent Health Mercy Hospital with top honors for achieving the organization’s goal of “the right care for every person, every time.” The IFMC’s second quarter data from 2006 ranks Mercy Hospital number one out of 34 acute care hospitals in the state for appropriate care measures, which means all patients received standardized national quality care for their specified diagnosis in the appropriate amount of time.

"Alegent Health Mercy Hospital is an excellent example of leadership’s impact on transformational improvement. Their messages are clear and consistent; it’s about the patient, evidence-based medicine and a commitment to their community,” said Tim Gutshall, M.D., clinical coordinator of the Iowa Foundation for Medical Care. “Mercy hospital proves transformational improvement is possible. Their passion and commitment is contagious.”

The IFMC is contracted through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and has been working with Iowa providers to improve systems and promote best practices for the prevention and treatments of conditions that affect large number of patients. As the state’s Medicare quality improvement organization, the IFMC has designed an appropriate care measure checklist made up of 22 measures that include acute myocardial Infarction (AMI), heart failure (HF) and pneumonia (PN) measures—to more accurately reflect the total care a patient receives.

As the top performing hospital in the state, Mercy’s overall data for the second quarter stands at 92 percent. This reflects that all patients received all of the 22 standardized national quality measures specified for their diagnosis. For example, in the treatment of patients with heart attack, Mercy Hospital administered beta-blockers upon arrival 100 percent of the time and discharge instructions to 95 percent of heart failure patients. Mercy’s involvement in this voluntary project allows physicians, nurses and staff to continue to review and analyze data results and continue making the necessary adjustments to provide care that is safer, more effective and patient centered. Mercy also received the overall top quality ranking for the first quarter in 2006.

“This is the result of an extensive amount of collaboration throughout our departments. I am proud of the level of care Alegent Health Mercy Hospital delivers to each and every patient, exceeding the national standards,” said Marie Knedler, vice president and chief operating officer for Mercy Hospital.

Mercy Hospital’s high score is part of Alegent Health's commitment as a system to provide quality, meaningful information to help consumers make decisions on their health care. More than a year ago, Alegent Health began publicly reporting data and for six straight months, the organization's five metro-area hospitals have achieved composite scores higher than our target of 97 percent.