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How to Engage your Teenager

Is your child checked out – more interested in video games and texting friends? Engaging your teenager can feel like an uphill battle. Mental health therapist Erin Williams looks at ways to reconnect when kids don’t feel like anyone hears them.

Why Family Meal Time is Important

You’ve probably heard the saying families who eat together stay together. That’s hard to do with working parents and kids on overload. Mental health therapist Gabrielle Beadell takes a look at the benefits of family meal time.

Why Your Kid Makes Irrational Decisions

Sometimes you wonder what planet your child is from. They’re irritable, fly off the handle and often have a hard time focusing. Mental health therapist Gabrielle Beadell has the answer and it starts with the brain.

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Walking Safety Tips

Did you know one crash-related pedestrian death occurs every two hours? Dr. Grace provides tips to make sure your next walk is a safe one.

The Benefits of Walking

Did you know walking is a great form of exercise? Dr. Michael Grace fills you in on the benefits of going for a walk.

Benefits of Different Walking Surfaces

Did you know not all walking surfaces are created equal? Learn which surfaces offer certain benefits for your next walk, from Certified Athletic Trainer DJ Gehr.

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Prevent Colorectal Cancer

Want a quick and easy way to prevent cancer? If you’re 50 or older, Dr. Arif Nawaz gastroenterology, says regular colorectal screening is a great place to start.

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Exercise Lessens Heart Failure Symptoms

You don’t have to run a marathon to boost your heart’s health. Dr. Adnan Khalid, cardiology, says even a little physical activity can keep heart failure patients out of the hospital.

Too Much Sodium Can Be Dangerous

Processed foods and dining out are dangerously raising your child’s sodium intake. Dr. Gina Mentzer, cardiology, shares the ten most common offenders and chicken nuggets top the list.

Heart Disease Could be Killing You

Do you know what’s really killing you? It’s not new or sensational, but plain old heart disease. Follow cardiologist Dr. Aiman Smer’s tips for prevention.

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Dangers of Diet Soda

Dr. Bhavish Aubeelauck, internal medicine, shares the scary truth about diet soda. Just because it’s diet, doesn’t make it healthy.

How to Make Your Barbecue Healthier

Learn three ways you can make your next barbecue healthier, from tips by CHI Health dietitian Susan Wright.

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Mobile Gaming Safety Tips

Smart phones aren’t the smart choice when walking or driving. Tracy Dethlefs, trauma prevention, shares tips to avoid accidents due to mobile gaming distractions.

Concussion Prevention for Student Athlete

Not all sports are created equal when it comes to concussions. Tracy Dethlefs, trauma prevention, shares the times student athletes are most at risk.

How to Keep Your Child out of the ER

Sharon Lubbers, emergency services, shares the top five ways your family can prevent an ER visit.

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Summer Survival Tips for Pregnant Women

Dr. James Smith helps pregnant women beat the heat with a few must-have tips.

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