It's okay for health care to evolve, as long as it revolves around you.

Health care is changing, and CHI Health promises to change it for the better. In fact, we started embracing new ways to keep you well more than 10 years ago. It's called value-based care, built on the belief that prescribing a healthier lifestyle is better than prescribing a lot of pills. That's why we're building a network where doctors, clinics and hospitals work closely to organize your care for the best possible outcome. We're doing what's right for our patients, to mend what's broken and restore your faith in health care.

Tammy Tanner, CHI Health Diagnostic Center Supervisor

Tammy Tanner knows how important holding a patient’s hand can be. She sees patients looking for answers about a condition or disease as the diagnostic supervisor at CHI Health Lakeside. Her touch – her humor helps them through what can often be a scary time.

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