Blue Cross Blue Shield Update - CHI Health, Nebraska (NE) - Southwest Iowa (IA)

About the Agreement

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CHI Health and CHI Health Clinic are back in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSN). We remain committed to making great care for affordable for the people of Nebraska and Iowa.

“Most Blue Cross members can again see their trusted CHI Health provider as in network,” said Cliff Robertson, MD, chief executive officer of CHI Health. “This helps to restore stability for individuals, employers and the communities we serve.”

UniNet, the clinically integrated network for more than 2,000 providers and 44 health care facilities in the region, proposed a value-based contract that would require BCBSN to move away from the old fee-for-service plans. It’s a move the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association has made in 48 states. A value-based contract would have provided employers and patients covered by Blue Cross with the opportunity to reduce health care costs and improve their access to additional health care resources. BCBSN rejected the value-based proposal.

Ann Oasan, president of UniNet said, “CHI Health remains absolutely committed to building the region’s best value-based network and will continue to work with any insurance companies who share that vision.” Those with BCBSN and other out-of-state BCBS plans - except for the SelectBlue plan - can once again get their care with CHI Health physicians and facilities at in-network rates. CHI Health and CHI Health Clinic remains out-of-network for the Blue Cross Blue Shield’s SelectBlue plan.

“The impact of this agreement will bring immediate relief for Nebraska families,” said Dr. Robertson. “In the long-term, we remain firmly committed to making great care more affordable by focusing on a value-based network that manages and reduces the total cost of care.”

CHI Health is restoring faith in health care.