The Brown family is in a state of crisis.  Seven misbehaving, unruly children, financial troubles, and the recent loss of Mrs. Brown create a sorry state for the family.  The children have gone through many nannies from the local agency, the last leaving in terror with screams that the children ate the baby.

An eccentric Nanny full of mystery and magic, Nanny McPhee shows up unsolicited on the doorstep to save the day.  With a calm hand and methodical determination, she teaches the Brown children 4 life lessons that will change the course of their lives.  In the midst of all the Brown family chaos is a tender love story that breaks the rules of “proper society”.  And what story would be complete without a little blackmail?

A well-portrayed story of loss, love and hope, this movie provides a wonderful opportunity to approach issues with children that, for many, are difficult to address.

For Parents:

Sexual content / themes: A woman wears a low cut dress that reveals cleavage several times throughout the movie.  A man and woman kiss and a woman kisses a man on the cheek.  The most concerning scene is one in which Mr. Brown is trying to spare a woman from his children’s behavior, but his actions are mistaken as sexual advances.  The scene is quite suggestive.

Violence: Mostly physical comedy and practical jokes played by the children. Crude humor. Some scenes might disturb young children (the baby being placed on a catapult to be thrown into a pot of boiling water, which does not end up happening.  Viewing cadavers at Mr. Brown’s office). 

Language: 2 sexual references, 6-10 curse words, some mean words and name calling.

Substance Use: 2 scenes of adults drinking alcohol.

Questions for Discussion:

  1. What were the 4 lessons Nanny McPhee taught the Brown children?
  2. What changed in the Brown household after Mr. Brown shared his dilemmas with his children?
  3. How does Nanny McPhee physically change during the movie?  Can our perception of others be  affected by our feelings for them?
  4. How did each family member deal with his or her feelings of loss regarding Mrs. Brown?
  5. What life events led to fear in the Brown children?

Other Themes for Discussion:

Grief and loss, love, marriage for reasons other than love, stepfamilies, communication, family values.

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