CHI Health Monthly Meditations


Spring--a time of renewal, of beauty bursting forth from the earth. A time of hope and of joy. A time of growth and new beginnings.  We are reassured once again that after the harshness of winter comes the beauty of spring.

Heavenly Lord of all healing and hope,
You are the source of all that is good.  We rejoice in seeing         
your power and love during this season of beauty, of growth.

Shelter us Lord during the winter times of our lives.  Help us to         
feel your love and to know that You are present with us.  Show         
us the way that we might find strength and growth in difficult times.

Help us to focus on the good in ourselves and in others         
knowing that you are the source of that goodness.

Father, we rejoice in your love and the assurance that you are         
present with each of us through all the pain, and the joy, of life.         
Thank You for spring, for the season that renews us.  Let it         
renew each of us in your love.

God Sees Our Beauty

Recently I walked by a rose bush in my yard that has been cut back through the winter. It doesn't look like much right now.  If you had never seen a rose bush before and I told you that this plant was a beautiful thing, you might wonder about my perception of beauty.  But I noticed within it the potential for something wonderful. This week I saw that it has begun to sprout small green leaves. Soon it will produce branches and even flowers. And the pruning it received in the fall will help it to show its true nature as a thing of beauty.

Looking at it in its wintry state with dry cut off branches reminds me of how we sometimes look at our lives and see a similar sort of picture. Especially when changes are happening in our lives, we may look at our situation and say; "there is not much beauty here, I am sort of dry and lifeless and lots of the things that were once important to me are gone."  Sometimes we even feel that way when we intentionally give up habits or relationships that were bad for us.  They may have been things that were depleting our strength, but at least we were familiar with them. We don't know the new ways of behaving or relating that we will have to grow into. So things can look a little bleak.  But like the rose bush, the source of our beauty is not an external thing. It is not tied only to the difficulty or blessing of our current circumstances.

Our beauty comes from the life that is within.  At the core of our beings, we are people created beautiful by our God.  Sometimes, we might need to remind ourselves that God has created us beautiful, especially when we are making the changes that are a necessary part of growth in life and faith. And we might need to tell someone else as well when we see a sprout of beauty in their lives. We need these reminders because they help us to trust in the goodness and beauty that God has given us.  And they tell us that when our spirits seem lifeless and dry, God will bring them through a season of change back to the warmth of spring.