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Chemical Dependency Services

Chemical dependency is seen as a primary disease which is chronic, progressive and can be fatal. Recovery is a life-long process that requires daily disciplines. Growth toward wholeness and health is a positive process in which treatment plays an important part. Treatment is designed to give you the tools for your own recovery and help you learn how to use them.

Oftentimes, substance abuse problems and mental health problems occur at the same time. Alegent Health offers an entire range of treatment and prevention services that are built on individual strengths and support systems. We incorporate the principles of integrated substance abuse and mental health treatment by involving patients in treatment planning and by providing services that meet the individual needs of patients and families. Our primary goals are to help adults and adolescents gain hope and support in beginning to change the life style, and to develop a supportive peer and home environment to assist in the recovery process.

Outpatient Services

Intervention is to provide the family, friends, and employers of addicted individuals with knowledge and understanding of the addictive lives. process and its detrimental effects on their own An initial assessment with family, friends and perhaps even employers determines the treatment plan. Outpatient Treatment Through individual and/or group therapy clients will clearly understand the precipitating factors for personal alcohol and drug abuse issues. They will explore abstinence-centered alternatives, improve coping skills and demonstrate the ability to remain abstinent and gain a greater insight into their personal spirituality. The goal of any recommended counseling is for the client to lead a healthier life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. With a holistic treatment approach, family dysfunctions will decline and symptoms will improve.

Outpatient Relapse Program

Treatment involves recognition of high risk situations and development of management strategies, a sobriety support system and a relapse prevention plan. Aftercare planning is determined during the course of treatment, based on the needs of the patient and significant others.