High School Corner - CHI Health, Nebraska (NE) - Southwest Iowa (IA)

We want YOU to consider a career in the health care field!  There are so many job opportunities which can provide you with a great sense of purpose and a chance to make a real difference.  Not all health professionals are nurses, doctors and dentists.  In this section we will provide you with monthly updates on a wide variety of health careers with varying skill levels.     

Student Pharmacy Technician

What does a Student Pharmacy Technician do?

  • Prepare, fill and distribute unit-dose drugs.
  • Perform medication exchange at the appropriate times to the designated nursing units.
  • Perform clerical functions such as maintaining the prescription file, answering the telephone and triaging calls.

What do I need to be a Student Pharmacy Technician with CHI Health?

  • Must be registered in a school of pharmacy (years 1-3).
  • Must be registered in Nebraska or Iowa as a Pharmacy Intern.

Medical Assistant

What does an MA do?

  • Assist health care providers with exams, treatments, procedures and testing as directed.
  • Notify patients of lab and diagnostic test results under the direct supervision of the health care provider.

What do I need to be a CMA with CHI Health?

  • Successful completion of externship requirements as defined by graduating school required.
  • Must meet one of the following criteria: CMA (Certified Medical Assistant), RMA (Registered Medical Assistant or MA (Medical Assistant); certification or registration required within 24 months of hire.
  • BLS or BLS instructor certification is required upon hire.
  • Learn more about the CHI Health Medical Assistant program.

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