Man in wheelchair playing bocce ballBoccia Ball (or Bocce Ball) is an Italian lawn game which has been adapted to play indoors. It is an exciting game of accuracy and strategy. The athletes can participate individually or as a team. The court is measured out on a gym floor. Together or individually the athletes strategize to see how many of their thrown Bocce Balls will score them points by tossing the balls closest to the target ball. Athletes of all abilities can participate and are allowed to have an aid assist if necessary. There are ramps available if a person is unable to toss the ball with his/her hands.

This is a Paralympic Sports Club Omaha event and is sponsored by Immanuel Rehabilitation Center and Paralyzed Veterans of America. The sessions are held at the Paralyzed Veterans of America located at 7612 Maple Street beginning in May.


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Please contact the Therapeutic Recreation Department at 402-572-2276 or email Jena Munson.